My experience working with children includes 8 years as a math teacher and 15 years as a tutor. I assists students of all ages and varied learning styles. I am willing to travel to meet with children during the day or in the evening, Monday through Saturday.

I am also available to discuss student’s progress with his or her teacher as needed.

If your child would benefit from one-on-one attention, support and encouragement, please get in touch with me.

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Erin is extraordinary in her ability to calm my children’s anxiety over any math issue they might be having. She has helped with everything from basic skills, to algebra I and II, geometry and even how to ask questions in class.”

Erin is more than just a math tutor. She has helped both my children gain more confidence with their math skills. She has also given them tools to be successful with organizational skills to help further their success. The children look forward to her help and insight. She has a unique way of relating to my children to help them solve what they do not understand. The kids cannot say enough good things about her!”

Erin was great! She arrived on time, prepared and ready work! She figured what my son needed to be successful in his Algebra I course, made a plan and took off. My son received an "A" in the course in large part due to Erin's assistance and intervention. We will be using her again.”

I use my time with students helping them improve their understanding of the concepts they are learning in school as well as building their confidence in their knowledge and abilities.

During our meetings I will provide the following:

-Practice and reinforcement of the classroom instruction
-Alternate explanations of material not understood in class
-Help staying current with assignments
-Supplemental problems to strengthen weak areas
-Help preparing for tests and reviewing returned tests
-Encouragement for the student to participate in class as well as ask for help from the teacher

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Many of the parents I meet have a common concern: they feel that their kids don't know how to study. For this reason, I expanded my services to include helping students develop study skills, organizational tactics, and time management techniques.

I meet with students weekly to discuss everything from keeping binders uncluttered to planning the writing of term papers. I teach them how to effectively use calendars, take good notes in class and how study for tests.

I help them learn to study smarter, not harder.

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Below are links to various online resources that many students find helpful when I am not available to help in person.